Publishing photos to your blog

As you know, copyright rules mean that you cannot put copyright images on your blogs. Most images found on the internet are copyright unless they specifically say they can be used for free. There are a number of places where you can find copyright free or royalty free images. Here are some of them: Getty images (search for royalty free), Behold, Flickr Creative Commons and Stockvault. Check them out. For information on how to upload images once you have found what you want check here. Of course don’t forget you can use your own images and they are copyright to you. Be creative!

Reading and commenting

Now that we have set up our blogs it’s time to meet other bloggers.  Have a look at students from Snow Lake, Canada, students in the US, students in New Zealand and our very own Year 9 classes at our school Year 9D and Year 9F. As well there are other classes at our school blogging Year 7, Year 11 and Year 10. Some teachers you know have blogs also: Mrs Sanders, Mrs McLeay and Mr Peeler. Check these blogs out and leave some comments if you wish. Remember to include the URL of your blog (the blog address) in the comment form so they can get back to you

What will I write about?

For your first post to your blog, you could introduce yourself. Remember not to use last names, or the name of your school. Don’t write anything that you don’t want to be public. Tell us a bit about yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, why you chose this unit, what you hope to get out of it, whether you’ve had much experience with blogging on MySpace or something like that, and one site that you like on the internet.

Also make sure you have changed the theme to something you like, using the Presentation button, add links to your blogroll, change the title of your blog and add a tagline if your theme lets you do that.

Welcome to our class blog

Welcome to our exciting new adventure. To make this a good learning tool it is expected that you will write lots of blog entries and comment (briefly) on some of your classmates’ blogs. You will be writing about the the things you are learning in English, as well as other subjects and out of school as well. How long you make your entries is up to you, but try to write at least once a week. You can write at school or from home and you can also read your classmates’ blogs either way. You will also get to read the blogs of other students all around the world as well. Good luck with your learning and reflection!

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